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Hello Monday!


Hello Monday!

Hello happy valentines day (and my love not being here)!

Hello text message telling me happy valentines day from my love!

Hello art history (and your exam im about to study for!)

Hello 40 degree weather!(and cloudy skies :(..)

Hello leggings, boots and sweater dress!

Hello making the best of today!

Hello making note cards bc i got a bad grade on my last exam!

Hello LOVE! L is for the way u look at me, O is for the only one i see,V is very very extraordinary is E is even more than anyone that you adore!


Surviving the Storm (thankyou Jaclyn Rae!)


Recently I was reading one of the blogs i suscribe to and i was so amazed by a sermon she had shared..or rather the last part of it. She was talking about storms in our lives and how God allows us to survive them. 1. get rid of the things in our lives that weigh us down and hold onto our courage, 2. what steps God give us to move out of the storm that we are not taking or could take, and

3. Don’t Cling (Ride the Wreckage)

Acts 27: 41 — But striking a reef, they ran the ship aground. The bow of the ship stuck fast, while the stern was repeatedly smashed by the force of the waves and began to break apart.

In storms, chaos and creation are related. We just have to stop clinging to the past and ride the wreckage out to reach the future God has in store for us. God gives us opportunities, in the form of storms, to have eyes of faith and grab His grace for survival.

What opportunity does God want you to see right now?


I was struck by the very thought of this…do not cling but ride the wreckage…I have been proud that i have moved away from the clingy person that i once was…holding onto love in all the wrong ways and searching for love in people instead of in God. I have recently revisited this side of myself. As i hold onto my Fiance and all that we are as i prepare myself for his deployment in a week. I miss him so much more everyday because i feel as though im about to loose him when I obviously am not! lol I find myself feeling the desperate need of him as i once did for other people. The lonliness that plagued me before settles in at night when i lay in bed trying to sleep but cannot because i have so much on my mind. I didnt truley understand this until last night when I told him this and he said, “Its not like im leaving you! I never would, and i want to hold onto you tighter…i love you with all my heart and wish i could stay.”

I realized how clingy i was being and felt ashamed that i had resorted back to that old part of me because i was scared. Normally I pray when i feel this way and God fills my soul with peace…lately i havent done that. I havent asked God to show me the good that is to come because of this..I havent asked God what opportunities will arise because Michael is away. I havent asked God to give me strength or courage. I have allowed myself to feel desperate when i know God would relieve me of that burden. I have not been optimistic.

So. Starting today i will ask God to help me out of this storm and ask him enlighten my life with the plans he has for me the next 7-8 months. And i pray that he will give me strength andcourage….and i wonder…What does he have planned for me?

  • volunteering at Nationwide Childrens Hospital
  • Planning my wedding
  • Working
  • Living on my own with my sister
  • Yoga classes this summer
  • Graduating College

These are just the things that are obvious to me, the things that will keep me busy. But what falls in between those lines? What will God reveal to me that i have yet to see? Im excited to know!



What gives you hope? And what, if anything, makes you question hope?

Hope…such a large, broad word that covers so much. So many things give me hope..a smile, a hug, a joke from someone i love who is trying to cheer me up, a flower, a babies cooing, a sunrise and sunset, fields of sunflowers, laughter, inspiring photos, quotes from the wise, my favorite bible verses, stories about overcoming huge obstacles or illnesses, talking with friends, giving advice and so much more. Each of these shows me that life is wonderful and God is amazing! That i should feel blessed at the sight of these things and be filled with Joy..even in the worst of times. God gave us life so that we may live it abundantly and when life is getting me down i look around me and see the beautiful creations God has set before me. Its hard not to stare in awe of his wonderful creations and his glory. Knowing that God chose me as his child gives me hope. I dont deserve his forgiveness, i dont deserve to have been as blessed as i am, but everyday i wake up and God is calling me and loving me beyond all measures. How could i not be filled with hope? Just knowing that i am in Gods will allows me to know that wonderful and awful things will happen but i am promised the hope of eternity without pain and suffering. How awesome is that??!!

 Obviously there are times when hope seems out of sight..when the darkest corners of life surround me and drownd out the tiniest bit of light left for me to see. These times are when i have been disapointed, when someone i know becomes sick or even  dies, when my plans dont run accordingly, when i fail at small tasks, when someone degrades me or brings me down with their own suffering, when someone i care about doesnt support me…ect. You get the point. Hard times always make me feel small. Like the things that i do couldnt possibly matter or make a difference. Like who i am and want to be could never be accomplished or measured up to compared to others in those areas. But then a ray of sunshine falls on my face and i remeber that God would never put me through anything that i could not handle. I remeber that i will be opressed because Jesus was opressed first. And that all obstacles before me will strengthen who i am as a person. Also, those around me continue to enlighten me with ideas and thoughts about how hard times sometimes lead to better outcomes, and plans dont work out so that others can fall into place. I am immediately filled with hope again and optimism and i feel better. I remind myself that yes i am small, but even the faith of a mustard seed sould move a mountain. Just because i am small doesnt mean i cant accomplish what God has planned for me.