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God Looks Like Happiness


Today when i woke up i do my everyday routine..wake up, feed Myla, change Myla, then on to the laptop to check emails/facebook/new blog posts/pintrest..u get it. But today one of my best friends posted this as her status on facebook, ” I think God looks like what happiness feels like.” Wow what a powerful statement and so very true!

I started thinking..what  does god look like to me?

God looks like:

Nature. i think im closest to seeing God, in the solitude of Nature. There, i am his creation experiencing all of his creation.


My favorite color, GREEN! (im honestly convinced that God and I share the same favorite color! and I think im not crazy because EVERYTHING is green..ok well most of the world is either green or blue..the sky and the grass/trees/leaves..u know! lol)

The smile on my daughters face!


He looks like my best friends! Through them i have more happiness and good memories than i could have ever asked for!



He looks like my family. God creates us and delivers us into our families arms. He chooses our family for us. Through them we learn to be who we are. God says, this is what i want for u from the moment we are born and when i look at my family i see how loving God is and how much of a parent he is himself. Through my family i have seen strength, anger, tears and happiness, love, humor, disappointment. All the good and bad God makes he instilled in the family and I’ve seen it all.


God looks like my new family..My husband. In him i see Gods unconditional love. I see acceptance and sacrifice! i see a fathers love. Thatas what God is right? a father!


i even see god in my kitty, Mr. Watson! He is playful, but protective and always loving..so is God.


God is everywhere. I see him in everything. How do u see God?


Sweet Reminder


Tonight coulad have been considered a horrible night. I was expecting a slow lazy monday and the same with work. But no i got crazy, cram packed full of things to do, rush of orders all at one time, never stopping for one minute, missing my fiance like crazy, needing some caffeine like no other, wanting to cry, Monday! But among all this stress and my wanting to just sit down and block out the world, there were some tiny shimmers of hope.

One of my best friends, tried to fight a man who robbed her, and now she is struggling to feel safe. i dont know about you but shes the strongest most courageous person i know…maybee a little crazy too but nonetheless i am proud of her. she fought back when most would give up everything and then cry. She could have gotten killed by that man and that never occurred to her but yet her first instinct was to fight. That takes a brave person and definately someone i am proud to have as a friend no matter how crazy it may have been. I hope she can see the strength that i see in her and the courage i see in her that she can find that within herself to get through this hard time in her life! I find it amazing that even through this scarey ordeal she still manages to lift me up and tell me thing will get better for me! That is an amazing person!

As i said work was crazy but it was all worth it when a woman came in followed by a man. I always thought that women were the ones who bragged about engagements and weddings but that wasnt the case today. This man had a glow about him, like he was the happiest man ever. He said they were getting married this weekend and I said, “REALLY?!!” and he laughed at how excited i was for them. He said yes and he leaned closer, “it feels better than winning the lottery!” and the womans face lighted up as he looked at her. Wow! I thought love like that was harder to find in our world. This man was so proud to be in the presence of this woman and i loved every minute of it! It reminds me  that no matter how hard things get with Michael so far away, i know the gleam in his eyes when he looks at me and it says, “it feels better than winning the lottery!” I cant wait to see that look again!



I read this really great daily hope column today and i loved the message


Its all about worrying and putting our Faith in God! My favorite part is when he says,

“One of the pictures God used to help understand his character is the picture of flowers. Jesus said, “Look at the lilies and how they grow … if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow, won’t he more surely care for you? You have so little faith!” (Matthew 6:28-30 NLT). Flowers are not made beautiful because of their anxiety. They are made beautiful because of the character of God.”

I dont know how much i have worried this past month! Worried about his deployment, and how i would deal with it. Worried that i wouldnt find another job if i quit my current one. Worried that everything would just fall apart….

All along i stopped asking God to take away my worries and stopped looking towards him for my answers. He did deploy and his tiny emails here and there give me more Joy than anything. I did quit my job and my friend helped me get a job at her place of work. Im hoping i get it this week 🙂 Pray that i do!!  I keep worrying thinking God wont help me, but he does! eEven if i havent prayed for him to, he knew already what would be best for me!

also taken for digital imaging class :)I loved that he used the flower example. Our anxiety makes us unhappy, it makes us suffer more than we have to. If we could just look towards God he would take this away and give us the peace that we need to go on in our lives and wed be happier because of it. A smile is much more beautiful than a worried face!!! 🙂 God always provides for us, just as he provides for the simplest flower and the birds of the air!

The Ancient Egyptians….


The ancient egyptians believed that when they died theyd reach the gates of heaven and be asked two questions and the answer to the questions determined whether they enetered or not. Have you experienced Joy in your life? and have you given others joy in their lives?Its an interesting thought brought to me by watching The Bucket List. I have experienced much Joy in my life. The smallest things make me happiest.

Joy is waking up to a sunny day or sleeping in on a rainy day.

Joy is the laughter of my family and my friends.

Joy is watching a baby smile and look around at the huge world around them.

Joy is the way my love looks at me when im not looking and i look up and hes smiling at me

Joy is a phone call from my mom who succeeds at making me happier

Joy is watching my favorite movie and never getting sick of it

Joy is knowing God never leaves my side

Joy is knowing my sisters birthdays are coming up soon and i get to go home!

Joy is knowing I quit my job because it made me miserable

Joy is knowing i am loved

Joy is receiving a flower

Joy is blogging even if no one reads

Joy is hoping that when someone doesnt like me  they change their minds

Joy is the love i feel for my family and friends

Joy is watching others in their happiness

Joy is thrift shopping just because and finding the coolest things

Joy is knowing i will be married to the most wonderful man ive ever met

Joy is knowing i love his family

Joy is a sunset and a sunrise

Joy is a thursday night of watching Vampire Diaries

Joy is learning and growing and changing

Joy is making a mistake and realizing im a better person bc of it

Joy is a pretty dress

Joy is italian food

Joy is art

Joy is homemade gifts

I could go on forever…the real question is what has brough you joy? and can  you be that kind of Joy to someone in your life?

A Letter From My Love


I woke up this morning to this letter from Michael posted to my facebook:

Dear an amazingly fun smart sexy funny (not haha funny but cute funny) loving girl I can call mine,
I want to spend so much time with you before my deployment. I want you to know that I always want you in my life and that I will always be in yours, and that no matter how far away I am I always want to be right beside you! I can not wai…t for the day that we get married and start our future together!
Love you always & forever,

He never ceases to amaze me. Everyday I am filled with Joy and awe at the amount of love he continues to give me everyday. When i was younger i didnt think that the love i recieve from him would be possible in my future..and as i got into relationships hope seemed out of reach until I started dating Michael. We had been friends since we were younger, which makes our relationship that much better because we know so much about each other already. He is my best friend and my lover and a confidont all in one. It makes me sad that i will spend 8 months away from him. I will miss his voice and his laugh and the way he trys so hard everyday to cheer me up and to bring love into our lives. Letters like this one give me hope that we will make it through any obstacle life could give us. No matter how far away he is he manages to include me in everything and makes sure that we are always communicating and on the same page.

Everyday that i wake up i fall in love with him over and over. I laid awake last night staring at the ceiling forever. I couldnt sleep for anything. Thoughts about his deployment and about our wedding plans and about how much i missed him plagued my mind. I didnt know how i could ever get to sleep at the rate i was going. A million thoughts were in my head at once. I began to pray for strength and for guidance. I prayed for God to ease my mind so that i wouldnt worry so much. I fell asleep. Only to be woken up by michaels text. It eased my mind, my feeling of longing for him and i once again was able to fall into a deep sleep. I love when prayer and a text from my love make everyhing feel at ease and i can rest easy. i couldnt imagine a day without those…but i know they are soon to come and i cherish them while i have them now.

I get to go see Michael in San Diego in 10 days! im so excited that he has given me the chance to spend two more days with him before he leaves. I know it will be even more hard leaving him, but also will allow me to appreciate him that much more. Im hoping for a safe flight and as little tears as possible 🙂



What gives you hope? And what, if anything, makes you question hope?

Hope…such a large, broad word that covers so much. So many things give me hope..a smile, a hug, a joke from someone i love who is trying to cheer me up, a flower, a babies cooing, a sunrise and sunset, fields of sunflowers, laughter, inspiring photos, quotes from the wise, my favorite bible verses, stories about overcoming huge obstacles or illnesses, talking with friends, giving advice and so much more. Each of these shows me that life is wonderful and God is amazing! That i should feel blessed at the sight of these things and be filled with Joy..even in the worst of times. God gave us life so that we may live it abundantly and when life is getting me down i look around me and see the beautiful creations God has set before me. Its hard not to stare in awe of his wonderful creations and his glory. Knowing that God chose me as his child gives me hope. I dont deserve his forgiveness, i dont deserve to have been as blessed as i am, but everyday i wake up and God is calling me and loving me beyond all measures. How could i not be filled with hope? Just knowing that i am in Gods will allows me to know that wonderful and awful things will happen but i am promised the hope of eternity without pain and suffering. How awesome is that??!!

 Obviously there are times when hope seems out of sight..when the darkest corners of life surround me and drownd out the tiniest bit of light left for me to see. These times are when i have been disapointed, when someone i know becomes sick or even  dies, when my plans dont run accordingly, when i fail at small tasks, when someone degrades me or brings me down with their own suffering, when someone i care about doesnt support me…ect. You get the point. Hard times always make me feel small. Like the things that i do couldnt possibly matter or make a difference. Like who i am and want to be could never be accomplished or measured up to compared to others in those areas. But then a ray of sunshine falls on my face and i remeber that God would never put me through anything that i could not handle. I remeber that i will be opressed because Jesus was opressed first. And that all obstacles before me will strengthen who i am as a person. Also, those around me continue to enlighten me with ideas and thoughts about how hard times sometimes lead to better outcomes, and plans dont work out so that others can fall into place. I am immediately filled with hope again and optimism and i feel better. I remind myself that yes i am small, but even the faith of a mustard seed sould move a mountain. Just because i am small doesnt mean i cant accomplish what God has planned for me.