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God Looks Like Happiness


Today when i woke up i do my everyday routine..wake up, feed Myla, change Myla, then on to the laptop to check emails/facebook/new blog posts/pintrest..u get it. But today one of my best friends posted this as her status on facebook, ” I think God looks like what happiness feels like.” Wow what a powerful statement and so very true!

I started thinking..what  does god look like to me?

God looks like:

Nature. i think im closest to seeing God, in the solitude of Nature. There, i am his creation experiencing all of his creation.


My favorite color, GREEN! (im honestly convinced that God and I share the same favorite color! and I think im not crazy because EVERYTHING is green..ok well most of the world is either green or blue..the sky and the grass/trees/leaves..u know! lol)

The smile on my daughters face!


He looks like my best friends! Through them i have more happiness and good memories than i could have ever asked for!



He looks like my family. God creates us and delivers us into our families arms. He chooses our family for us. Through them we learn to be who we are. God says, this is what i want for u from the moment we are born and when i look at my family i see how loving God is and how much of a parent he is himself. Through my family i have seen strength, anger, tears and happiness, love, humor, disappointment. All the good and bad God makes he instilled in the family and I’ve seen it all.


God looks like my new family..My husband. In him i see Gods unconditional love. I see acceptance and sacrifice! i see a fathers love. Thatas what God is right? a father!


i even see god in my kitty, Mr. Watson! He is playful, but protective and always loving..so is God.


God is everywhere. I see him in everything. How do u see God?


Hello New Year!


I haven’t kept up with my Blog since September because so much has happened in my life that thrust me into a new phase to prepare me for this year. So to Start im going to say GOODBYE! to all the things that 2011 brought and usher myself forward into 2012 with this blog I recently read from Shelby 🙂 2012 Love List

Goodbye 2011!

Goodbye Ohio! I finally moved to Imperial Beach Ca to live with my husband, Michael who is in the Navy! We live ten minutes from Tijuana (which is kind of scarey) and like 2 seconds from the most beautiful beach I’ve seen yet! And Yes i said Husband! we finally got married in Sept. 2011! it wasn’t the wedding we planned buttt..it was the most meaningful and beautiful ceremony performed by a notary. And we are expecting our first baby girl to arrive in March! Her name is Myla! We have our own apartment which i plan on decorating with paintings and millions of pictures!!! I love cooking now and finding new recipies to try out! I recently made an apple crisp and it was amazing!!

Goodbye Capital University! I finally Graduated! All of my hard work to graduate early finally paid off! I spent countless hours stressing out, freaking out, panicking and crying but it was all worth it in the end. I get to walk across that stage in May! Then this summer i will take online classes to get my masters to become an LPC. I’m excited that another phase of my life is beginning!

So here is my 2012 Love List!

start blogging again

create a painting for my living room

decorate our apartment more

become a mommy and do the best i can raising her

walk with all my friends at Graduation Commencement in May

Be a good wife

Find a church

meet new people 

stay connected with my Besties! and maybe meet a new friend

start school in the summer and make good grades!

Read a ton of new books!

Relax and enjoy life

Take a trip to Green Gables with all my friends!

Take a trip to LA! and see all the cool sights and tourist attractions




Sweet Reminder


Tonight coulad have been considered a horrible night. I was expecting a slow lazy monday and the same with work. But no i got crazy, cram packed full of things to do, rush of orders all at one time, never stopping for one minute, missing my fiance like crazy, needing some caffeine like no other, wanting to cry, Monday! But among all this stress and my wanting to just sit down and block out the world, there were some tiny shimmers of hope.

One of my best friends, tried to fight a man who robbed her, and now she is struggling to feel safe. i dont know about you but shes the strongest most courageous person i know…maybee a little crazy too but nonetheless i am proud of her. she fought back when most would give up everything and then cry. She could have gotten killed by that man and that never occurred to her but yet her first instinct was to fight. That takes a brave person and definately someone i am proud to have as a friend no matter how crazy it may have been. I hope she can see the strength that i see in her and the courage i see in her that she can find that within herself to get through this hard time in her life! I find it amazing that even through this scarey ordeal she still manages to lift me up and tell me thing will get better for me! That is an amazing person!

As i said work was crazy but it was all worth it when a woman came in followed by a man. I always thought that women were the ones who bragged about engagements and weddings but that wasnt the case today. This man had a glow about him, like he was the happiest man ever. He said they were getting married this weekend and I said, “REALLY?!!” and he laughed at how excited i was for them. He said yes and he leaned closer, “it feels better than winning the lottery!” and the womans face lighted up as he looked at her. Wow! I thought love like that was harder to find in our world. This man was so proud to be in the presence of this woman and i loved every minute of it! It reminds me  that no matter how hard things get with Michael so far away, i know the gleam in his eyes when he looks at me and it says, “it feels better than winning the lottery!” I cant wait to see that look again!

Gods Blessings


Last night was a much needed night of praising God and singing his praises. I wish it didnt take a trip to Candlelight to realize that even through hard times and stressful times God has been blessing me… I wish singing songs of praise werent the things that made me realize this, but maybe its just what my heart needed. Prayer is hard when i have a million worries running in my head, i cant concentrate long enough to tell God what im really feeling…but singing someone elses words and letting them be mine to allows everything else to fade away and all of a sudden i am filled with peace and i actually slept peacefully last night.

God has surely blessed me and i think i will take time to say these things that i am so thankful for!

  • My family and my friends (even though im too busy to see them they understand and remain there for me when i need them  Thankyou!)
  • My fiance (even though hes thousands of miles away he reminds me everyday that he loves me and i know in my heart he does. I know God has chosen him for me and sometimes i forget that hes in this with me and im not alone 🙂
  • My Jobs that god gives to me gracefully allowing me to afford to live
  • My volunteering that teaches me to be lighter hearted and more childlike
  • My car
  • My life in general
  • The people in my life, professors, friends, bosses who teach me things ive never known before, who teach me to look within myself and to cultivate my soul
  • the future i have that will be bright because God is continuosly guiding me and showing me the path i should walk on
  • school..its stressful and hard but im soo thankful for the scholarships and financial aid that comes from generous people who believe in students like me..im also thankful that bc of school i have learned so much about myself that i can confidently say i know who i am deep down
  • the weather
  • the sunshine 🙂
  • good food
  • a home/place to live
  • love

Heres a song i just heard last night and i loved it 🙂 enjoy!

I hope we never forget that we are more than ourselves and God created us for much more than our own selfish needs!

Day 29


A picture that can always make you smile 🙂

This is from around new years when i took michael home  to see his family! this is him laying down and his best friend Jimmy on top of him trying to kiss him! It was so funny! he did this several times to Michael! i was so happy they got to hang out again and spend time together!

The Ancient Egyptians….


The ancient egyptians believed that when they died theyd reach the gates of heaven and be asked two questions and the answer to the questions determined whether they enetered or not. Have you experienced Joy in your life? and have you given others joy in their lives?Its an interesting thought brought to me by watching The Bucket List. I have experienced much Joy in my life. The smallest things make me happiest.

Joy is waking up to a sunny day or sleeping in on a rainy day.

Joy is the laughter of my family and my friends.

Joy is watching a baby smile and look around at the huge world around them.

Joy is the way my love looks at me when im not looking and i look up and hes smiling at me

Joy is a phone call from my mom who succeeds at making me happier

Joy is watching my favorite movie and never getting sick of it

Joy is knowing God never leaves my side

Joy is knowing my sisters birthdays are coming up soon and i get to go home!

Joy is knowing I quit my job because it made me miserable

Joy is knowing i am loved

Joy is receiving a flower

Joy is blogging even if no one reads

Joy is hoping that when someone doesnt like me  they change their minds

Joy is the love i feel for my family and friends

Joy is watching others in their happiness

Joy is thrift shopping just because and finding the coolest things

Joy is knowing i will be married to the most wonderful man ive ever met

Joy is knowing i love his family

Joy is a sunset and a sunrise

Joy is a thursday night of watching Vampire Diaries

Joy is learning and growing and changing

Joy is making a mistake and realizing im a better person bc of it

Joy is a pretty dress

Joy is italian food

Joy is art

Joy is homemade gifts

I could go on forever…the real question is what has brough you joy? and can  you be that kind of Joy to someone in your life?

The Worst Weekend EVER!


This weekend has been one of the worst in a long time! All of the following things made it so:

  • I work at the Waffle House and every rude person that exists in Columbus chose to come eat this weekend. I got yelled at by an old man who claimed that i shorted him change..when in fact i did not! Customers treated me like i was stupid and asked me several times if i was sure i knew the prices of their food items! Of coarse i do i mean i havent been working there for 8 months or anythingg!!!! THEN today i got shorted a booth in my section because another lady complained that she didnt have enough seating in her section! SO i had less tables than everyone the whole day! I only made $24 today and $5o yesterday! Thats terrible! i used to make $70 or $80 or more! Yesterday half of my tables didnt even tip when i worked my ass off for them! Idk why i work so hard for such little money! Im not even making minumum wage at this rate!
  • Michaels leaving soon on his deployment. Next tuesday to be exact. I know that ill get to see him this weekend but im still sad and its hard imagining not hearing his voice or being able to talk to him whenever i want for 7 months or longer. Lately i have been so emotional about it because ive been tring to ignore that its happening but now ignoring it would be stupid because its happening whether i want it to or not. I feel bad that i get so mad at him lately. Like the other night he had to keep getting off the phone and even if it wasnt his fault i was mad at him regaurdless of knowing it wasnt his fault. Im mad that he was hanging out with his brother bc he sees him everyday and his brothers so mean to him. Or so i told myself.. I realized that im only mad because its hard that i only have a week left of phone calls, texts, and skype and im jealous that his brother gets this unlimited time regardless of what they are doing. I wish i had that time…
  • Im upset that no matter how hard i work i still never have enough money
  • Im upset that im working so hard to graduate early and get ahead but as a result im always tired and never have enough time for my friends…the most leasure time i get is when i sit down and write these blogs. I feel like a terrible friend. I never have a friday or saturday night to spare.
  • I cant even make it to candle light on thursday nights because sometimes I’d rather sleep than praise God.
  • i did all my homework assignments to get ahead and have time to realize im not as ahead as i think i am
  • I feel myself judging the way i look a lot again..when i look in the miror i can see the 15 pounds ive gained since summer and i hate it. I wanna work out, but then theres time! i have no time! im always in class, at work, doing work, writing papers, reading an impossibly large amount of books and pages for class!

 when does it end? When do i start to make time for me? i need to and want to…yet i cant afford to most days…

Day 5


A picture of your favorite memory

Every Summer all my friends go to our friend Naomi’s cabin in northern Michigan, Green Gables! It is the best time iver ever had on Summer break! I loved the seclusion and our jeep rides through the woods. We saw a black bear that we officially named and gave a cocknee accent. We drank and laid in a field underneath the stars. I swear i saw a dozen shooting stars in one night. We also went to the beach and dug huge holes in the sand. We ate vegetarian foods and sang camp song prayers to bless our food! I cant wait to go back this summer!