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Failure is not an option!!!


Today im linking up with Jaclyn Rae for her blog –Would your 10 year-old self like the person you’ve become? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

When i was ten years old i used my dads fishing lines in a pond becuase i wanted to fish and they got stuck in trees and id fill up his cooler with tadpoles and hed find them all dead the next day when he needed his cooler for work!

id ask my mom to draw me pictures of a woman and shed draw me stick figures with triangle dresses and bows on their heads and flippy hair!

i climbed trees and ran around barefoot. I stayed outside all day and i loved softball! i could lay outside underneath the stars all night. i loved camping outside in my friends tents and having sleepovers.

I loved swinging from the braches of the willow trees near the creek down the road from my house. and i loved shells so much that my friend and i went underneath the bridge near our school and collected tinsey tiny shells that no one but us knew were there.

I chased lightening bugs and played in the mud puddles..barefoot!

I would draw and color all day and write cute little poems for my mom and for me..

i didnt care what anyone thought and i was care free….

Now thats all gone..and im nothing like her anymore.

i dont like fishing anymore because i dont have the patience and i only like thepart of peace and quiet of sitting with someone. i dont draw anymore because “i dont have the time.” i dont go outside barefoot because it hurt my feet, and i rarely look at the stars because i dont slow down enough to admire them. i hate running and im not athletic at all. sleepovers and camping never happen because money is more important and i have 2 jobs to pay bills. i still love trees and shells but i dont swing from them lol. i stil love lightening bugs but i dont capture them because its mean, and i would never jump in a mud puddle because i dont want to get dirty. i care too much about what people think and im always stressed…WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MEEE!!!

If i could be that carefree girl again and never fail at what i did these are the things id do:

  • Start a non profit organization that helps the homeless back into society so that their lives can thrive again. I’d own a building where they could live and have counselors help them with their struggles. id have people donate clothing and buisness atire so they could go out and get jobs. I have a financial advisor teach them how to save and manage money so that they can have their own homes again and  be successful enough that they wont worry about being homeless again
  • id have an at risk youth program for the arts
  • climb a mountain
  • Create a program in prisons and juvenlie corrections that helps people change their behaviors too. today we spend money on keeping them ot of society so that they wont hurt anyone else..and when they are entered back into society they usually repeat the same actions bc they were imprisoned with other criminals and because they arent allowed acess to the outside world. Most are dealing with addictions, we’d adress that. Id give them a better reason to live by showing them better ways to live life and work hard to get ahead without committing crimes. Id have an intense experiental approach to keep teens out of the system. introducing them to what their future holds if they continue on this path and also introduce classes they can take so that they have usable skills for when they are released so they could get jobs and stay more out of trouble