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Just Focus!


Being pregnant comes with one side effect they never tell you about! CRAZY weird vivid dreams! Sometimes ill wake up in a panic or sweating as i try to keep myself awake so i don’t fall back into the same dream! Other times ill wake up crying because the dream seemed so real that what i just witnessed really happened to me! Last night was one of those nights! except i woke up feeling like i had accomplished alot and i felt my sense of self had been renewed! It got me thinking…but first let me tell you my dream!

My dream started off with me being at the office i worked in while i was at Capital University. I was sitting in a large circle being stared at by a bunch of High School students!..If you go to Capital you know how inconvenient it is to have high schoolers come visit because our campus is already small and they take up alot of room and crowd the cafeteria!..anyways, My supervisor Teresa asked me to tell them the best piece of advice i had learned in my 4 years there..I thought about it one minute and then i said, “just focus!.” I went on to explain my 4 years and how no matter how many times i wanted to give up and go home, no matter how hard class got or how stressed out i had gotten as long as i focused on the reason i was there in the first place i could keep going. They all stared and then asked questions like, what about relationships and friends? I recounted how i had been in a relationship that tore me down but once i ended that and focused i was able to find my husband and he was my greatest encourager and my friends were also a great deal of help..and as long as you make the right relationships, healthy relationships you can make it through much easier and with a better outlook on life!

I woke up as my husbands alarm rang. Time for work again! When he leaves I usually sleep in until 10am but it seems today will not be one of those days. I started thinking about what i had told all those kids, about my husband and my friends, and “just focus.” I had my birthday 2 days ago but i didnt check my facebook until yesterday and i noticed a video posted by one of my best friends and a few girls that were in my major…they sang me happy birthday and wished me luck with the baby. I didnt realize how meaningful this video was to me until it was over and i wanted to cry! i saw these girls almost everyday but i hadnt realized that they would ever do this for me! It made me feel somewhat important. like i did matter when i was there!

Then i thought about my husband and everything he does for me and how he pushed me through my last year of school. never letting me give up and trying to relieve my stress as much as possible…even though i knew deep down he wanted me to be with him! I don’t know anyone who encouraged me as much as he did…My love for him increased as i realized all the things he still does to love me…and i realized hes never intentionally made me cry, never intentionally hurt me or my feelings. He cares for me like i’m the most precious piece of glass and i don’t know that ill ever deserve the way he loves me. All i know is i hope in my lifetime i can make him feel that way too!

“Just Focus”…my main goal in life was to graduate college so i can have a brighter future. Now that its over i only focus on being a wife and soon to be mother. Then in may i start online classes for my Masters in Counseling…and i wonder what its going to be like..what is my main focus to get me through the next few months? it hasn’t changed! i want a brighter better future but now with more furry than before because i have a husband who supports us all and i want to help him. I have a daughter who will need a lot of things and i want her to be proud of me! I want her to have hope for a future too! I want her to see what her father and i have struggled through and be encouraged that she can accomplish anything she wants!

I want other people to know the same thing. Maybe its not school, or work, it can be anything in life! Just focus on whats ahead. Focus on your dreams, or why you started what you’re doing and just keep going! I don’t care if the world falls apart underneath your feet! Just keep going! I did it and i’m still doing it! You can too!



Inspirational Bloggers encourage me!


I got on FB today aand read this post by Matt Bohr, my youth pastor when i was a teenager.

“Remember, as a Christian, you have two choices. #1. You can sit back, not do anything with the power you’ve been given, wait for heaven, and try to ignore the empty feeling you have, OR, #2. You can step out, take the hits as they come (cause you know who’s dishin them out), and see lives changed through your life in Christ! No “grave tending” life for us!!”  ~ Matt Bohr

I thought to myself…”well its clear which one i am! and he would be so disappointed!” Truth is..i’m disappointed in myself. I surround my blogging with people who write about God’s Love and I admire the hearts they have for God. Their posts and daily challenges inspire me to start doing something! ANYTHING for that matter! I have fallen behind in my faith and at times i have no idea how im supposed to bring myself up out of the rut i’m in. How the heck do i get back to the God loving, God serving girl i used to be?

Here are a few bloggers who encourage me!

Shelby– we went to church together and now i loveee reading her posts! Im so amazed by person she has turned into and the God loving heart she has. Shes reading the Bible in a year.. I thought about taking the same challenge or any bible reading challenge for that matter!…I also follow people she posts about because idk how she does it but she finds some amazing people!

Because of shelby i found Mandy at MessyCanvas. Shes amazing and im always inspired by her posts and ive even downloaded her ebook on becoming an artist even if you think you arent one! it was amazing!

I’m following Caitlin at Collective Disclosure her heart for God is also amazing her posts and the verses she posts always give me the new perspective that i need! and she encourages me by showing what its like to live out God no matter where you are in life.

Also, Christs Revolution always encourages me when he posts. He gives scripture and explains it to the best of his ability. He does a great job too! i always feel like im getting a sermon but those sermons always hit home and theres no better kind!

Thank you all for encouraging me!

I recently got an advertisement in the mail for a church near our apartment! Its very enticing so i looked it up online. The people look so nice and their services seem to be just what i need! They even say you can wear what you want..which is nice! and they have loud christian music. The best part is they focus heavily on service. I’m a service kinda girl! My youth pastor^^^ once told me i had a servants heart. i could never pin down my spiritual gift and that’s what he told me…and its true! ill do anything to help and i always want to find ways to help the less fortunate or even someone who just needs a listener. BUT….I’m scared. I don’t know how to go into an unknown church and say “Use me!!” And what if i don’t like it or i dont fit in?

Another recent thing ive picked up again is reading. My husband decided to explore various sides of religion while he was on his deployment and now he has about 6 or 7 books that i was so interested in reading. He has a few books on free will and destiny and one about budhism and another about peoples struggles and how God helped their lives. I picked up one called The Belief Instinct..i got to reading the introduction and i immediately was disapointed in it! I like how the mind works psychologically but not to this point. By the end of the Intro i finally figured out that he was trying to prove that God is a figment of our imagination and he intended to help the readers know this so they could no longer be fooled by God as an illusion!! I was so mad! My husband suggested i keep reading to get another persons view point so i might better defend why i belive and KNOW god is real! But im bot ready for that! I just wanna get my faith back again not have some psychologist point me in the wrong direction! Then i realized that the books about destiny and free will were collections of philosophers writings and i again was disapointed because i already struggled through Ethics reading Plato and other various philosophers because i had no clue what they were saying. Finally he had 3 books i could read! So im reading Prisoner of Tehran. Im inspired by her struggle so far and her heart always faces God, Im only on the fourth chapter but id already reccomend it to everyone!!

I guess what i need is some encouragement from people who know what its like to be at this stage and maybe some words of advice! Any help would be amazing!

Sweet Reminder


Tonight coulad have been considered a horrible night. I was expecting a slow lazy monday and the same with work. But no i got crazy, cram packed full of things to do, rush of orders all at one time, never stopping for one minute, missing my fiance like crazy, needing some caffeine like no other, wanting to cry, Monday! But among all this stress and my wanting to just sit down and block out the world, there were some tiny shimmers of hope.

One of my best friends, tried to fight a man who robbed her, and now she is struggling to feel safe. i dont know about you but shes the strongest most courageous person i know…maybee a little crazy too but nonetheless i am proud of her. she fought back when most would give up everything and then cry. She could have gotten killed by that man and that never occurred to her but yet her first instinct was to fight. That takes a brave person and definately someone i am proud to have as a friend no matter how crazy it may have been. I hope she can see the strength that i see in her and the courage i see in her that she can find that within herself to get through this hard time in her life! I find it amazing that even through this scarey ordeal she still manages to lift me up and tell me thing will get better for me! That is an amazing person!

As i said work was crazy but it was all worth it when a woman came in followed by a man. I always thought that women were the ones who bragged about engagements and weddings but that wasnt the case today. This man had a glow about him, like he was the happiest man ever. He said they were getting married this weekend and I said, “REALLY?!!” and he laughed at how excited i was for them. He said yes and he leaned closer, “it feels better than winning the lottery!” and the womans face lighted up as he looked at her. Wow! I thought love like that was harder to find in our world. This man was so proud to be in the presence of this woman and i loved every minute of it! It reminds me  that no matter how hard things get with Michael so far away, i know the gleam in his eyes when he looks at me and it says, “it feels better than winning the lottery!” I cant wait to see that look again!



What gives you hope? And what, if anything, makes you question hope?

Hope…such a large, broad word that covers so much. So many things give me hope..a smile, a hug, a joke from someone i love who is trying to cheer me up, a flower, a babies cooing, a sunrise and sunset, fields of sunflowers, laughter, inspiring photos, quotes from the wise, my favorite bible verses, stories about overcoming huge obstacles or illnesses, talking with friends, giving advice and so much more. Each of these shows me that life is wonderful and God is amazing! That i should feel blessed at the sight of these things and be filled with Joy..even in the worst of times. God gave us life so that we may live it abundantly and when life is getting me down i look around me and see the beautiful creations God has set before me. Its hard not to stare in awe of his wonderful creations and his glory. Knowing that God chose me as his child gives me hope. I dont deserve his forgiveness, i dont deserve to have been as blessed as i am, but everyday i wake up and God is calling me and loving me beyond all measures. How could i not be filled with hope? Just knowing that i am in Gods will allows me to know that wonderful and awful things will happen but i am promised the hope of eternity without pain and suffering. How awesome is that??!!

 Obviously there are times when hope seems out of sight..when the darkest corners of life surround me and drownd out the tiniest bit of light left for me to see. These times are when i have been disapointed, when someone i know becomes sick or even  dies, when my plans dont run accordingly, when i fail at small tasks, when someone degrades me or brings me down with their own suffering, when someone i care about doesnt support me…ect. You get the point. Hard times always make me feel small. Like the things that i do couldnt possibly matter or make a difference. Like who i am and want to be could never be accomplished or measured up to compared to others in those areas. But then a ray of sunshine falls on my face and i remeber that God would never put me through anything that i could not handle. I remeber that i will be opressed because Jesus was opressed first. And that all obstacles before me will strengthen who i am as a person. Also, those around me continue to enlighten me with ideas and thoughts about how hard times sometimes lead to better outcomes, and plans dont work out so that others can fall into place. I am immediately filled with hope again and optimism and i feel better. I remind myself that yes i am small, but even the faith of a mustard seed sould move a mountain. Just because i am small doesnt mean i cant accomplish what God has planned for me.