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Make a way for me


Since i’ve been thinking hard about my faith and what i should do about how far away from God i feel, i took it upon myself to join youversion.com and i started a monthly reading plan about prayer and service…although i feel like i haven’t gotten anything out of it yet…but i’ve been reading everyday and trying to find something to help my faith. Then today i decided maybe i should try another one so i just started a yearly devotional (this one with commentary) and i have already connected to it on the first day!

“Its easier to loose that special presence of God than it is to get it back once we’ve lost it” Joyce Meyer

This is soo true for me. I couldnt even tell you the exact moment i let God slip out of my life..but i could surely spend an hour telling you about how ive searched to find him and i have yet to capture him completely as i once had..Man its tough and i know once i get him back again i wont be so quick to let him go!