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Project 365 Day 11


Today was nice and warm perfect weather for shorts 🙂 so i thought id wear some!

Yeah well to my suprise! NONE OF THESE FIT! thats right out of the 12 pairs of shorts i own 11 didnt fit! UGH for gaining wait 😦


Project 365 Day 10


Today is Easter! I got my hair cut by my little sister! Yes she is 17 and no i wanst nervous..most would be but i knew she wouldnt mess my hair up becuase she is very careful with her own hair and i knew she wouldnt ever mess up mine. It looks wonderful and is now all one length 🙂

We also colored eggs like we do every Easter. I went for more multicolored eggs and my sisters did plain ones and my other sister did some kind of running thing with they dye.

Project 365 Day 9


Today my brother left for was sad to see him go and watching his girlfriend cry broke my heart. I really know how she feels and it brought tears to my eyes too! But i know this is going to be great for his life and for their lives someday.

Daymon swearing into the navy


Me and Daymon after he swore in..waiting to go to the airport

Daymon and my mom

Rachel and Courtney when we were leaving the airport

Project 365-Day 8


since i know i wont have good pictures from today ill show you the dresses and bangles i ordered from Forever 21 that i am anticipating so badly!!!! Now only if the mail man will hurry up with my package so i can wear them!!!

So as you can see im loving flower prints and bold patterns! Im tired of wearing boring clothes! i want to change it up some!

And i just love these bangles that will match with my dresses!!!

Project 365- day 7


Sunday April 17, 2011

I went home yesterday to see my brother before he leaves for bootcamp tomorrow. This is my Sassy! i love her but i hate holding her because all of her beautiful fur likes to attack my clothes! and i can never get it off! theres tons on my bag where she laid on it while i was there.


Heres me and my brother 🙂 This is when my family came to my art show at school! I love this picture of us lol

Project 365- Day 4


Dance shows program

Sunday April 10, 2011

I went to see my friend, Naomi’s Dance Show yesterday! She did an amazing Job! She worked so hard all year and it definately paid off! i really loved that she did a song from candle light

Im so madly in love with you

Im so madly in love with you

Let what we do in here fill the streets out there

Lets us dance for you Lord let us dance for you

and our friend Nick played this and it was great! It was different because he played guitar and sang, when everyone else just had a cd song 🙂

Project 365- Day 2


Day 2- Friday April 9, 2011 (sorry its late ive been one busy girl!)

So it was my art show and i got inducted into Kappa Pi, Capital Univeristies first Honor Art Freaternity! Thats right! I am a founding member and proud to be one! years from now people will look at our pictures in 1. amusement because we probably look real stupid and 2. amazement that they are seeing the first people who ever were involved in what they will now be involved in!

This is the pin i received

my certificate

our shield

Afterwards i had my art entered into the student art show where i creeped on people who were talking about my art and thought how cool it was that strangers liked what i did.

my digital photography hanging above my head!my drexel photo on a stand

my painting also above my head

my kaleidescope image above my headmy drexel photo on a stand

my drexel photo

Oh yeah and since i got to share my art work i thought id share a drawing with you! A little girl drew this for me while i was volunteering! she said it was me! so i drew her a picture and told her that it was her! she smiled and ran and gave it to her mom! She was soo cuutteee!!!


I promise in the coming days i wont have as many pictures lol!