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every monday i say hello to the things ahead of me for the day!!!

Hello Monday!


This is the first Hello Monday i have done in a while!

Hello MOnday! I forgot about you!!

Hello waking up to the cutest baby ever and taking his mommy to school!!

Hello nausea! (hello idk if i spelled that correctly!)

Hello rocking that cute baby to sleep!

Hello naptime for me too!

Hello beautiful blue sky!

Hello lovely North Carolina Sun (man ur soo hott)

Hello hopeful text message i got this morning!

Hello 2 more months til my Fiance comes home!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!

Hello watching mickey mouse with the baby and having him bounce on my tummy πŸ™‚

Hello Secret Life tonight!!! (waiting for Sam to get home so we can watch it!)…(thankyou DVR)

Hello Beach! I will probably be visiting you tomorrow!

Hello job apps! your terrible to fill out!!!


Hello Mr. Sunshine on this Monday!


Hello Beautiful Monday!

Hello Mr. Sunshine for gracing us with your presence!

Hello warmer weather!

Hello moving into a new apartment!

Hello driving alllll the way to work today! (BOO gas prices and hour drive!)

Hello 2nd job thats waiting for me to find it!

Hello boxes and boxes of stuff that are waiting for me on my day off!

Hello feet we need toΒ  go running!

Hello desire to go hiking again!

Hello Love i miss you and hope these next 4 months go by quickly!!!

Hello pale white Skin! we need a tan!

hello monday..


hello monday i wish u hadnt come!

hello sleeeppy sleeepy sleeeppy girl!

hello naptime!

hello daymon! ( im gonna miss you while youre at bootcamp! goodluck and imm verrryy proud of you!!)

Hello no pilates! yay!

hello work at 3:30!

hello skyping with Michael early tomorrow morning! Yay!

hello semi warm day!

hello sore back! you suck!

hello project 365 you are much harder to keep up with than i anticipated!!

hello yummy handburger i ate! too bad you will be forgotten this summer when i go on my diet!

Hello soul of sex paper im putting off until the very last minute!

Hello forever 21 dresses i am anticipating like a child does the ice cream truck during a hot summer day! One or two more days until you arrive!

My Warm Monday!


Hello beautiful Monday! Im soo happy its warm today!

Hello art history paper due! (mine was about sexuality and religiosity in Michelangelos three Pietas! I hope Dr. Tellier doesnt mind!)

Hello almost falling asleep in class!

Hello giving up on note taking because i just wanted to put my head down!

Hello shower that woke me right up!

Hello Project 365! what should my picture be today?

Hello Pilates and help from the instructor about doing those dreadful planks that murder my arms!

Hello beautiful leaves and flowers that are blooming everywhere! i wish i had time to just sit outside and basque in your radiance!

Hello cookies for breakfast!

Hello work! work. woo. hello schedule change πŸ™‚

Hello naptime! we are not friends today! But i wish we were 😦

Hello yoga shorts and tshirt and wet hair i need to dry!

Hello Michael! i miss you so much!

Hello pile of books that need returned to the library!

Hello not wanting to carry 40lbs of books to the library! (thankyou research paper!)

Hello vivid dreams that made me extremely tired today!

Hello Vampir Diaries on youtube!

My Rainy Monday


Hello rainy monday! ( I wasnt sure i wanted you to come today, but im glad youre here πŸ™‚Β  )

Hello Rain and 70 degree weather!

Hello flip flops (my toes can finally breathe!)

Hello ghostly white skin! (In desperte need of a tan!)

Hello books i recieved in the mail today (i cant wait to start reading you!)

Hello long list of to-dos i just wrote in my agenda!

Hello Pilates (ur gonna kick my but bc i skipped class last week!)

Hello work (i will get alot of reading done bc were so slow)

Hello stuffy nose! i hate you!

Hello sore neck (bc somehow i manage to sleep in all the akward positions i can find and wake up aching all over!)

Hello cheesecake bars πŸ™‚ mmmm i love when school makes them!

Hello laundry day!

Hello Friday! Hurry the heck up! i cant wait for the student art show gallery opening!!

goodmorning Monday!


Hello monday πŸ™‚ Goodmorning!(…ITHINK)

hello only blog topic i have a chance to do anymore 😦

Hello up to early!

Hello stupid server connection that kept Michael from calling me this morning 😦 BOO!

Hello 9 am class and big art history exam im hoping to get an A on πŸ™‚

Hello work (I love the people but im too tired to want to go..)

Hello pilates…im not seeing ur results just yet!

Hello brand new pair of flats πŸ™‚

Hello strawberry kiwi arizona tea! (u r my new favorite drink!!)

Hello pudding for breakfast!

Hello ugly fingernails that i need to paint! (hello removing the fake nails i got done a month ago)

Hello sleepy eyes (dont fail me now!)

HELLO wedding planning..ur so confusing and stressful!! (hello worth it in the end!)

Hello Secret Life! im sad ill be missing u every monday! hopefully i can get off work at 10 and catch ur 11 O’clock rerun!

Hello hommmeewoorrrkkk as usual! (hello procrastination bc time is not my friend anymore!)

Hello cramps and my new bestfriend Midol!

Hello wanting a new blog project and knowing exactly what ill do it on..but its sad i have no time to actually do it 😦

Monday (you came too soon!)


Hello Monday! (you came wayy too sooon!)

Hello i need a nap!

Hello sore muscles and a strained back!

hello pilates is gonna kick my butt today!

Hello i miss michael!

Hello 30 flash cards i amd half way through making for my art history exam! uh!

Hello warm weather!

Hello wearing my new plaid shoes for the first time!

Hello work at 3:30pm…im not ready for it at all! id rather stay home!

Hello homework i need to do!

Hello Thursday! get here already! i cant wait to see my sister!

Hello Friday and the pretty dress im gonna buy!

Hello debt! you take all my money 😦

Hello scheduling classes for next semester! Man thats scarey! This is my last time scheduling!

Hello sleeeeepppyyy time! I hope i dont close tonight!

Hello wonderful God! You always take care of me πŸ™‚

Hello Beautiful Monday!


Hello Beautiful Monday! thanks for the somewhat warmer weather!

Hello being awake all night bc the time changed!

Hello pilates and work at 3:30!

Hello i need a major nap!

Hello homeowrk that wont get fininshed until tomorrow!

Hello silky smooth legs!

Hello moralism vs. morality! OH ur soo confusing! And will inevitably be the rebirth of my soul this week!

Hello sore muscles (hello toned up!…soon!)

Hello list of books i want to read!

Hello tiny yellow piece of the puzzle im still not finished exploring!..and no not a real picture puzzle…an intelluctually stimulating, keep me awake at night because no one really knows but can only make scientific judgements about it..puzzle!

Hello waiting for that piece of the puzzle to arrive at the library and the email notifying me to pick it up..beginning my journey on this new topic of thought!!

Hello hoping hoping hoping i dont have to close..but knowing i will have to!

Hellooo busyy day!

Hello Mondayyy!!!


Hello Monday! I thought you were yesterday!

Hello dragging myself out of bed! Thankyou mom for the push with your lovely phone call! Good Luck on your interview!

Hello hot chocolate and banana from starbucks! MMMM πŸ™‚

Hello very spunky, wide awake boy in my class who i admire for being so happy today!

Hello feeling like i have no idea whats going on!

Hello running across campus to turn in my time sheet

Hello wanting to get the hours i need for volunteering..running to get there..and the sign up sheet wont be posted til later! Darn!!

Hello facebook status posted by Michael declaring his love for me…i miss him!

Hello work at 3:30 pm..i hope i dont close again tonight!

Hello studying for sociology!

Hello starting my pilates class..i hope i shape up!!

Hello so many things to do and not enough time!

Hello Monday :)


Hello Monday!

Hello 12 am call from my love (right when i needed him)

Hello starting my new job at Tommy’s Pizza!

Hello 1hr drive to get back to columbus so i can work!

Hello rainy day! (i miss yesterdays warmth)

Hello sleeepppyyy meee!

Hello getting woken up because the police are banging on the neighbors apartment door (2am)

Hello being lazy and not wanting to get dressed right now!

Hello HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL! I LOVE YOU! (my baby sister who turns 17 today)

Hello long drive home tonight (i hope the rain stops)

Hello the rest of spring break!

Hello research paper i have yet to start!

Hello noisy apartment building!

Hello needing to find a new blog project (now that my 30 day photo challenge is over!)