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Day 28


A picture of something youre afraid of


I took this picture looking out from the top of a building in columbus and then enhanced it with a photo editor

…but i am terribly afraid of heights!!! I have this huge fear when im that high that ill just fall to my death lol


Day 30


A picture of someone you miss

I really miss my dad. especially when so many great things are happening this year. i wish he were here to see them and be a part of them!

Day 29


A picture that can always make you smile 🙂

This is from around new years when i took michael home  to see his family! this is him laying down and his best friend Jimmy on top of him trying to kiss him! It was so funny! he did this several times to Michael! i was so happy they got to hang out again and spend time together!

Day 23


A picture of your favorite book

My favorite book would be one that ive read several times..New Moon from the Twilight series! I promise im not one of those crazzzzyyy fans. i just like the books and the movies thats it! i dont scream when Jacob takes off his shirt or wait in lines for hours to see the new movies or to get the DVDs..

Day 20 and 21


Day 20 is a picture of somewhere youd like to travel..i dont want to repeat myself especially since they are all in the dream journal section of my Blog…so check it out! 🙂

so ill skip to Day 21!

A picture of something you wish you could forget

I Know its ridiculous but theres nothing in my life that i wish to forget…i love every moment of my life because it happened, and its made me who i am. Theres not one person who hurt me, no words said, no event that has happened to me that id choose to forget. At some point in my life i chose everything i did. I didnt do it absent mindedly. I chose knowing full well the consequences and how it would effect other people. Theres not a single relationship that i would choose to forget because i wanted to be with that person or friend, but people change and so do our beliefs, needs, and wants. So to do those relationships change, each different in their own ways and each important to who i am.


I really do believe everything happens for a reason…And all the choices i wish i had made i forget about them because i know that they werent what was meant for me…I always forgive and i never forget! Even if ive tried to forget things its almost impossible for me because i can picture my memeories as if they were happening right in front of me. I think its one thing i hate! Everything, and all my memories are so vivid that when i remember them i know exactly how i felt in that moment. and i can feel the joy or hurt that that memory causes me and it can make me feel that way the rest of the day…its like they haunt me. weird..i know! lol