Inspirational Bloggers encourage me!


I got on FB today aand read this post by Matt Bohr, my youth pastor when i was a teenager.

“Remember, as a Christian, you have two choices. #1. You can sit back, not do anything with the power you’ve been given, wait for heaven, and try to ignore the empty feeling you have, OR, #2. You can step out, take the hits as they come (cause you know who’s dishin them out), and see lives changed through your life in Christ! No “grave tending” life for us!!”  ~ Matt Bohr

I thought to myself…”well its clear which one i am! and he would be so disappointed!” Truth is..i’m disappointed in myself. I surround my blogging with people who write about God’s Love and I admire the hearts they have for God. Their posts and daily challenges inspire me to start doing something! ANYTHING for that matter! I have fallen behind in my faith and at times i have no idea how im supposed to bring myself up out of the rut i’m in. How the heck do i get back to the God loving, God serving girl i used to be?

Here are a few bloggers who encourage me!

Shelby– we went to church together and now i loveee reading her posts! Im so amazed by person she has turned into and the God loving heart she has. Shes reading the Bible in a year.. I thought about taking the same challenge or any bible reading challenge for that matter!…I also follow people she posts about because idk how she does it but she finds some amazing people!

Because of shelby i found Mandy at MessyCanvas. Shes amazing and im always inspired by her posts and ive even downloaded her ebook on becoming an artist even if you think you arent one! it was amazing!

I’m following Caitlin at Collective Disclosure her heart for God is also amazing her posts and the verses she posts always give me the new perspective that i need! and she encourages me by showing what its like to live out God no matter where you are in life.

Also, Christs Revolution always encourages me when he posts. He gives scripture and explains it to the best of his ability. He does a great job too! i always feel like im getting a sermon but those sermons always hit home and theres no better kind!

Thank you all for encouraging me!

I recently got an advertisement in the mail for a church near our apartment! Its very enticing so i looked it up online. The people look so nice and their services seem to be just what i need! They even say you can wear what you want..which is nice! and they have loud christian music. The best part is they focus heavily on service. I’m a service kinda girl! My youth pastor^^^ once told me i had a servants heart. i could never pin down my spiritual gift and that’s what he told me…and its true! ill do anything to help and i always want to find ways to help the less fortunate or even someone who just needs a listener. BUT….I’m scared. I don’t know how to go into an unknown church and say “Use me!!” And what if i don’t like it or i dont fit in?

Another recent thing ive picked up again is reading. My husband decided to explore various sides of religion while he was on his deployment and now he has about 6 or 7 books that i was so interested in reading. He has a few books on free will and destiny and one about budhism and another about peoples struggles and how God helped their lives. I picked up one called The Belief Instinct..i got to reading the introduction and i immediately was disapointed in it! I like how the mind works psychologically but not to this point. By the end of the Intro i finally figured out that he was trying to prove that God is a figment of our imagination and he intended to help the readers know this so they could no longer be fooled by God as an illusion!! I was so mad! My husband suggested i keep reading to get another persons view point so i might better defend why i belive and KNOW god is real! But im bot ready for that! I just wanna get my faith back again not have some psychologist point me in the wrong direction! Then i realized that the books about destiny and free will were collections of philosophers writings and i again was disapointed because i already struggled through Ethics reading Plato and other various philosophers because i had no clue what they were saying. Finally he had 3 books i could read! So im reading Prisoner of Tehran. Im inspired by her struggle so far and her heart always faces God, Im only on the fourth chapter but id already reccomend it to everyone!!

I guess what i need is some encouragement from people who know what its like to be at this stage and maybe some words of advice! Any help would be amazing!


About ashleykfayak

Hi! Im ashley..Ash if you like:) Im 21 years old and i just moved to Imperial Beach CA to be with my husband who is in the Navy! I also just graduated from Capital University with a bachelors in Art Therapy.I plan on taking classes at Liberty University Online this sumer to get my masters LPC. And On march 1st i will the the proud mommy of a little girl named Myla! Most important about me is I love my family and friends and i love God!! I honestly couldn't tell you where my life is going but i know that God is leading me some where and I've been the happiest I've ever been since I gave my life back over to him! I know that i'm not perfect and i wont ever pretend to be..i believe we all mistakes and that its most important that we learn from those mistakes and not to regret them :)

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  1. You are so sweet, thank you for your kind words about me Ash! You bringing my brother to church is the only reason I ever even went myself!! So you play a huge role in my salvation, don’t EVER forget that first of all!
    Second I GET THIS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! My advice is get your butt in that church and if you like it GET PLUGGED IN and find ways to serve!!!! Start a bible reading plan (the one year one i’m doing is great so far its not an overwhelming amount of reading either and you can start it at anytime) If you start to do those things I have no doubt you will get a fresh renewal of passion. You’ll come alive again!

  2. I really never thought that the blogs that I posted impacted anybody’s life but all glory to God for that. I saw the link you put about my blog so just clicked on it and decided to read this post and I know exactly in the situation that you are. I had been in that situation for a couple of months, it has been difficult because it’s not like I went back to sinning, I just didn’t have that passion anymore. However, God has been working in me and I’m going to make a serious on some principles God has been teaching me while I get back at my feet with Him. And let me tell you it has been a great experience. I want to encourage you and all the people that are going through a similar situation. A lot of times us Christians want to make everything seem perfect, but there is a lot of struggles that we go through as Christians too. So anyways, I will start tomorrow writing one of the principles God has been teaching me and how He is lifting me up again and I hope it encourages you and helps you regain that “faith” you once had. God bless you and I will be praying for you. 🙂

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