Surviving the Storm (thankyou Jaclyn Rae!)


Recently I was reading one of the blogs i suscribe to and i was so amazed by a sermon she had shared..or rather the last part of it. She was talking about storms in our lives and how God allows us to survive them. 1. get rid of the things in our lives that weigh us down and hold onto our courage, 2. what steps God give us to move out of the storm that we are not taking or could take, and

3. Don’t Cling (Ride the Wreckage)

Acts 27: 41 — But striking a reef, they ran the ship aground. The bow of the ship stuck fast, while the stern was repeatedly smashed by the force of the waves and began to break apart.

In storms, chaos and creation are related. We just have to stop clinging to the past and ride the wreckage out to reach the future God has in store for us. God gives us opportunities, in the form of storms, to have eyes of faith and grab His grace for survival.

What opportunity does God want you to see right now?


I was struck by the very thought of this…do not cling but ride the wreckage…I have been proud that i have moved away from the clingy person that i once was…holding onto love in all the wrong ways and searching for love in people instead of in God. I have recently revisited this side of myself. As i hold onto my Fiance and all that we are as i prepare myself for his deployment in a week. I miss him so much more everyday because i feel as though im about to loose him when I obviously am not! lol I find myself feeling the desperate need of him as i once did for other people. The lonliness that plagued me before settles in at night when i lay in bed trying to sleep but cannot because i have so much on my mind. I didnt truley understand this until last night when I told him this and he said, “Its not like im leaving you! I never would, and i want to hold onto you tighter…i love you with all my heart and wish i could stay.”

I realized how clingy i was being and felt ashamed that i had resorted back to that old part of me because i was scared. Normally I pray when i feel this way and God fills my soul with peace…lately i havent done that. I havent asked God to show me the good that is to come because of this..I havent asked God what opportunities will arise because Michael is away. I havent asked God to give me strength or courage. I have allowed myself to feel desperate when i know God would relieve me of that burden. I have not been optimistic.

So. Starting today i will ask God to help me out of this storm and ask him enlighten my life with the plans he has for me the next 7-8 months. And i pray that he will give me strength andcourage….and i wonder…What does he have planned for me?

  • volunteering at Nationwide Childrens Hospital
  • Planning my wedding
  • Working
  • Living on my own with my sister
  • Yoga classes this summer
  • Graduating College

These are just the things that are obvious to me, the things that will keep me busy. But what falls in between those lines? What will God reveal to me that i have yet to see? Im excited to know!


About ashleykfayak

Hi! Im ashley..Ash if you like:) Im 21 years old and i just moved to Imperial Beach CA to be with my husband who is in the Navy! I also just graduated from Capital University with a bachelors in Art Therapy.I plan on taking classes at Liberty University Online this sumer to get my masters LPC. And On march 1st i will the the proud mommy of a little girl named Myla! Most important about me is I love my family and friends and i love God!! I honestly couldn't tell you where my life is going but i know that God is leading me some where and I've been the happiest I've ever been since I gave my life back over to him! I know that i'm not perfect and i wont ever pretend to be..i believe we all mistakes and that its most important that we learn from those mistakes and not to regret them :)

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the sermon as much as I did! Such a good reminder that we can always trust God to get us through our personal storms 🙂 I wish you strength and love during your fiance’s deployment. It sounds like God has blessed you with lots of things to look forward to while you wait.

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